In my work I seek to illuminate the soul (anima) and the spirit (animus) of the painting. The organic references speak of the sensuality of the human body and the earth.

The images invoke a quiet intimacy and refer to our relationships to the earth and to each other. They suggest that the same life energy (chi) infuses everything. 

In 2005 I spent a year at the sea. My time there has influenced this work. As I began to use the materials the sense of the fluidity I felt while near the ocean found its way to my canvas. The true nature of working abstractly is evidenced in these pieces. 

Although looking at these images is primarily how we receive the information, we must use more than our eyes to discover the truth about what we see. Paul Klee tells us that by contemplating the optical/physical the ego will arrive at intuitive conclusions about inner substance.

In the abstract painting, we can still glimpse the infinite.
the paintings